Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008, and such

Happy New Year, great big internet!

Well, we're still waiting on the shop, and getting pretty broke in the process. Broke enough that even I can't justify buying more yarn. So I'm making an effort to finish everything that's been kicking around nearly done, just waiting for seaming, weaving in of ends, etc.

On the recently completed list are my Leaf Cardigan, the teal raglan jumper I made with the yarn I got cheap, and my self striping socks. This is all in the last week, which I think is a pretty good effort (it's amazing how much you can do while the cricket is on)... Soon to follow will be the Cleo halter top; it's SO close to finished, all I need to do is finish sewing in the elastic, and that's it. I figured I should probably finish it while it's still warm enough to wear it (no fear of that... it's been 37 degrees the last few days...:P).

So, I've been changing all this stuff to 'finished' on Ravelry, and feeling very smug and constructive about it too. Oh, and on a Ravelry note, I got embarrassingly excited because someone favourite-ed my silly rainbow hat. And when I got on this morning, someone had done the same to my nearly done Cleo, which has just given me more motivation to finally finish it... This is probably a lame thing to be excited about, but nobody in real life ever gets very interested in the stuff I knit, so it's kind of gratifying...

Grrrr... want shop, so can acquire money, so can acquire digital camera.
Patience Anna, patience...

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