Friday, June 20, 2008

Erk... Just a short one...

Bllllerrrhhhhgg.... Am wretchedly hung over, and attempting to distract myself from it with the Ravelry forums. Moderately successfully I must say - the thread that's amused me most this morning was in the YarnWords forum - Crushes on Fictional Characters. I never would have guessed that so many people would have a thing for Gilbert Blythe - don't see the appeal personally *shrugs*
Anyway, the reason I'm hungover is because I went out with my Dad and brother last night for a belated birthday celebration. I gave Richard his garter mitts, all tied up nicely:

I made his in black, since I figured that there was no way he'd wear them if they were any non-sombre colour (my bright green/blue ones aren't for everyone, I suppose). He seemed to like them. They definitely fitted him well at any rate, which is what I was concerned about. Actually, somewhat annoyingly, they also fit me a lot better than my pair (mutter mutter....). Oh well, I can always make myself some more I suppose, since they take all of two hours per mitt - probably not even that.

I got him some other stupid stuff as well. He has more money than I do these days, so I figured it was best to go the silly/fun present than to aim for something serious that he might like. So, he got a pizza box full of silly foods. And a pair of mitts.

And then we all went out for Japanese, and he and my father funnelled large quantities of wine down my throat at high speeds. Hence this morning's state. Now I'm off to go and die in a corner somewhere...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I finished exams today!

And fittingly enough, I also finished my Woodland Shawl (aka the Sanity Retaining Exam Period Shawl):

I blocked it last night, got back from my Corporations Law exam (about as much fun as it sounds) this afternoon to find it all dry (talk about timing!) and took these photos straight away! I don't think I even took my shoes off first, I was that excited about the shawl! Wow, I don't think I've used that many (sincere) exclamation marks in a sentence before. I must be excited; I'm not an exclamation mark kind of girl normally...

Shiny nice shawl! I'm feeling extra triumphant about it since I dyed the yarn as well (some 4ply Naturally Haven - 100% wool). It was my first try at doing something that was closer to subtely different shades of the same colour, rather then 'here a colour, there a colour, everywhere a different colour' (though that's not without its charms, of course), and it came out okay. Really, I would have preferred a darker green - this shawl is bright, but I'm still happy with it.

The pattern was great too... very easy to memorise. I'd definitely make another one of these.

This was my commuting knit for the last month, and it was great for that (lightweight + comparatively short rows = train friendly). I got asked about it a fair bit as well - not to mention stared at. My favourite commuter incident was the most recent one; last week a little old Somali lady came and sat next to me and started stroking the knitting. She spoke virtually no English (if she actually knew the word 'knitting', she didn't use it), but somehow she got across that she knitted herself and she thought my shawl was pretty! I was smiling all day after that; I love the fact that something like knitting can make people go out of their comfort zones (i.e. approach a total stranger, of a totally different generation, who doesn't even speak the same language) like this. Really lovely...

Anyway, so now that I've finished the shawl, I feel justified in starting 60,000 new knitting projects. And sewing all that stuff I've been meaning to. And the writing! Ahhh, the post FO validation! I can feel it seeping into every pore...

Don't mind me... I think I'm suffering from post-exam flippancy. Bad Anna.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A constructive day...

I'm having one of those glorious days when I feel constructive. Only problem is that now it's evening and I've just eaten, which means I'm feeling too full and sluggish to actually do things. So what do we do? We make lists, and plan things, and feel constructive that way, that's what!

There's lots of knitting things I've got lined up at the moment. I don't have a lot of money right now, so I'm trying to burn through the not-insubstantial stash instead of gallivanting around the yarn shops and making merry with my meagre funds. All of the things I've got lined up in my brain are things I can make with yarn I already have. Especially after Friday (Clegs sale + Anna being owed a belated birthday present by certain parties = yarn acquisition).

Behold the ill gotten gains:

I got a whole bunch of 100% wool (12 balls odd?), some lurvely green merino/silk yarn (6 balls), and a single merry ball of grey Patonyle. Very nice indeed. And I know what I'm going to do with it all!

(eeew, but now I'm dissatisfied, because the above picture gives the heinously false impression that I might have bought pink yarn... the very idea... It's actually more of a pinky purple. I definitely do not do the colour pink)

Oh, and on the note of yarn sales, I'm finally using some poor languishing yarn that I've had kicking around since the Cleg's Boxing Day sale... It's been hanging around for so long because it's... mohair. And I don't do mohair. I honestly have no idea why I keep buying it. It just really isn't my thing. I don't like fluffy (or not in my yarn, anyway... it's forgivable in small animals). It's not something that features in my wardrobe with any great frequency. But, for some reason I bought it, so now I'm using it, and it's actually pleasing me for some inexplicable reason. I'm making a Simple Yet Effective shawl using it and some black fake mohair that somehow found its way into my possession as well. And, well, it's pleasing me! It's fun to pat, it's rainbow and black, and very relaxing to knit.

That said, I don't know if it will ever make it out of my front door. Fuzzy (and stripey rainbow fuzzy at that) isn't something I think I can pull off. Maybe it might work if I was small and cute and had pigtails. But the fact remains that I am nearly six feet tall, frown a lot, and generally can't pull off cute to save my life. I don't think that fuzzy is something that's going to happen. But you never know, do you?

Wow, that was a tangent. Anyway, the knitting list is as follows:

  • Finish my poor languishing alpaca cardigan, while it's still winter and alpaca remains a valid wardrobe choice - all it needs is it's zip put in, and a little crochet (whimpers in fear) to fix up the neckline
  • Finish my Woodland shawl (over 2/3 of the way through now)
  • Finish the garter mitts I've been making for Richard's birthday (which, Anna you lazy bum, was on May 13th... get off your arse and knit, dammit! It will take you all of two measly hours to finish)
  • Make the lining for that poor bag that's been kicking around my study for the last six months - it'll take all of five minutes once I finally get out the sewing machine and get down to it
  • Either rip or finish that crazy, abnormally coloured cable jumper that's hiding half-finished in my bedroom... before it evolves into something living and tries to gnaw my leg off while I sleep

And once I've done these things (or at least enough of them to justify starting new stuff), there's other stuff on the agenda (because I am now organised enough to have plans for my stash yarn!):

  • Make a Tempting with the awesome cables mod I saw on Ravelry out of my beautiful, shiny, lovely, verging on edible Naturally Me yarn
  • Some Endpaper Mitts in my grey/black Patonyle
  • A Luna Moth shawl in my Naturally Merino et Soie yarn
  • A top down raglan with some self-designed colourwork with all of that 8ply wool
  • Socks! I don't care what kind, but I want warm feet and have the yarn with which to attain this goal!
  • A vest (something with a cable, I dunno, I'll make something up) out of that maroon acrylic/wool blend that lives near my bookshelf

There are other plans too, though most of them are either things that I need to buy more yarn for (I want a Noro shrug, but that will unfortunately need to wait until I have more money, as right now I have all of one skein of the yarn that I want to make it from), or uses for yarn that I have that haven't quite coagulated (hehe, yeah, that's definitely the correct word) into projects in my head yet.

Hmmm, I should probably conclude this post now. But at least it's here to motivate me. Now that the "Internet" has heard my plans, I need to follow through and do them.

(I have this weird mental thing where I think of the "Internet" as being like another person who will judge me if I procrastinate... well, whatever works, I suppose, though I think that all this really does is reflect just how technologically backwards I am)

And now I must go and write stuff. I've decided (in non-knitting related constructive thought) that I'm going to submit an entry to the Melbourne Uni creative writing anthology publication this year, and since it's full of people who can actually write, I'll need to lift my game and put in some effort if I even want the slightest piddling chance of making the cut... and even then I'm not getting my hopes up - I suspect that these things only publish people who have a much better command of the English language then me.

(Back to my original paragraph... at least I did constructive things earlier... I went into uni, studied diligently for a few hours, returned library books, made a hairdressers appointment, etc. And at least lunch was lovely and a half... my favourite spicy hommus from Queen Victoria market, turkish bread, some lovely fresh dates... man I love dates, washed down with a glass of rather nice Cabernet Merlot. If all lunches could be so good, I would be a happy Anna indeed).

Oh my, I am very brackety indeed today, am I not?