Friday, June 20, 2008

Erk... Just a short one...

Bllllerrrhhhhgg.... Am wretchedly hung over, and attempting to distract myself from it with the Ravelry forums. Moderately successfully I must say - the thread that's amused me most this morning was in the YarnWords forum - Crushes on Fictional Characters. I never would have guessed that so many people would have a thing for Gilbert Blythe - don't see the appeal personally *shrugs*
Anyway, the reason I'm hungover is because I went out with my Dad and brother last night for a belated birthday celebration. I gave Richard his garter mitts, all tied up nicely:

I made his in black, since I figured that there was no way he'd wear them if they were any non-sombre colour (my bright green/blue ones aren't for everyone, I suppose). He seemed to like them. They definitely fitted him well at any rate, which is what I was concerned about. Actually, somewhat annoyingly, they also fit me a lot better than my pair (mutter mutter....). Oh well, I can always make myself some more I suppose, since they take all of two hours per mitt - probably not even that.

I got him some other stupid stuff as well. He has more money than I do these days, so I figured it was best to go the silly/fun present than to aim for something serious that he might like. So, he got a pizza box full of silly foods. And a pair of mitts.

And then we all went out for Japanese, and he and my father funnelled large quantities of wine down my throat at high speeds. Hence this morning's state. Now I'm off to go and die in a corner somewhere...

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kataish said...

Ooo I think I'm meant to re-read Anne of Green Gables. Theres so many signs pointing to it (A lot of people are randomly bringing it up). I think I'll do that. I don't really see the appeal of Gilbert Blythe though.

My fictional crush is Dr Who. And Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (dont' know if you get that show over there though), heh.