Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh no, she's attempting to wrangle technology!

Yeah, so I got bored of the blog looking the way it was looking. But the problem here is that changing the blog's appearance means attempting to wrestle with the computer - not something I'm particularly adept at. Yes, I know I could just use the plain old template, like the rest of my technologically impaired ilk. But the problem is that I'm one of those tiresome people who always has to be different. In short, my computer skills fall far short of my aesthetics preferences. So, I attempted to compromise. I'm more or less happy with the change in scenery...

Decided it was a good opportunity to change the name while I was at it... randomness is so last year! Anyway, as I've mentioned previously, I'm living back with my family again at the moment (while attempting to get head back on straight again post separation, get back on the studying horse, and replenish my poor battered bank account). When I moved out a few years ago, my younger brother took over my old bedroom. Not wanting to evict him simply because the universe decided to thwart my attempts at independent domesticity, I'm now living in what was the study. This basically meant taking out the desk, putting in a bed, and adding several more bookshelves. To the five already in residence. So in summary, I now reside in a cosy little room filled with yarn and probably well over a thousand books. Hence, the new title of the blog - I started squealing gleefully to friends about how I had my own little stronghold of books in which to hide from the real world. Stronghold is only a slight exaggeration - bookshelves cover three out of four walls, floor to ceiling. Bibliophiles paradise to say the least.

Hmmm, I should probably say something about knitting, shouldn't I? Well, too bad! I did do some knitting today (working on a new top-down raglan - purple and black stripes this time), but I was too tired to tackle anything elaborate (a long day of aquarium maintenance and customer wrangling already under the belt), and stockingette in the round does not make for interesting reading. So there ;)

But, because it feels odd to do a post without a picture, I hereby present Mr Blog with a photo of the cranky old man who frequently joins me in my aforementioned fortress.

Here internets: have a totally gratuitous (and more than a little cross-eyed) cat!

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Abby said...

By gosh, that cat is genuinely cross-eyed.

I like the new look and appropriate name. You've gone through recent changes in the real world, all the more reason that your blog should follow!