Friday, February 26, 2010

New Starts

First thing is first: as promised, my new project:

This is a (really lacklustre) photo of the new project that I merrily started while revelling in the sense of freedom that resulted from sending my half finished summer top to the naughty corner. It's going to be Cybele (Ravelry link only I'm afraid) from the French Girl Knits book by Kristeen Griffen-Grimes, and I'm using the forest green Cascade 220 that I originally had earmarked for my Snow White jumper. I was a bit hesitant in starting this, because while I think that the pattern is absolutely gorgeous, it's one of those garments. You know, the kind that look amazing in the book on a model, but might not look quite so wonderful when worn in real life. Still, I decided that I'll take the chance - it will address the cable craving that I've been experiencing the last little while.

Looking at this pattern’s projects on Ravelry, I arrived at the conclusion that negative ease would really be the key to making this work like I wanted it to. I think I'm going to opt for the smallest size, which is a 31 inch bust - despite the fact that mine is more like 36 inches. This terrified me a little at first, but I looked at the sizing and realised that the above recommendations are based on the two front pieces being able to meet in the middle, whereas the look I'm really aiming for is how it's illustrated in the book, with the two pieces stretched and not quite meeting. I am really hoping that this decision doesn't come back to bit me in the behind, but I suppose that if it does, at least it'll be amusing and I will hopefully have provided some entertainment.

This project isn't the only slightly-uncertain new start I'm making at the moment. University goes back again next week, and I have, perhaps foolishly, decided to go in for one more year of educational servitude before leaving to make my way in the big scary world of Full Time Work. Not in my law student guise however, since thankfully for my sanity, those days are now behind me - in fact my graduation ceremony is in a few weeks time, so I'll be sure to post pictures of that. Rather this year I thought that I would make an attempt to tie together my love of writing, my knack for words, my English Literature degree and my abilities in Media Law - in a few days time I'll be starting a one year postgraduate diploma of editing/communications. I am looking forward to it, but I'm also mildly terrified by it, as indeed I am terrified by most change that happens in my life. Still, change is good, for all that it's scary, so hopefully this will be a good thing. Wish me luck.

And because I never feel right having just one picture per post:

This is one of the few Nice Dresses that I own, since I've never really been one for formal occasions, and generally have to be forcibly wrestled (or the social equivalent thereof) into nice clothing. I'm very keen on it - I bought it in Tasmania when I went there with with Rebecca last year, and have since worn it to much acclaim. The problem is that it's strapless, and sometimes you just don't want to be prancing around in a strapless dress alone. So it occurred to me that I should knit some sort of cover up that I could wear with it. I can't decide whether to make something black, or use my the Dream in Colour yarn pictured above (in real life it's a darker shade that matches the dress a bit closer). Hmmm... Black would probably be a safer bet, but if the Dream in Colour worked it would be just gorgeous. Food for thought, anyway...


Cadence said...

Hello again! It's great to have another post already! If you'd like to see it knitted up, I'm making Gaenor with that same shade of Dream in Color. The picture is a little brighter than the true colors, but I just thought it might be helpful.

Best of luck deciding on the color, and with your new classes!

Rebecca said...

Hey! I remember that dress! You were such a good sport to let me cajole you into trying it on in the cold!
I'm not sure I'd go with that colourway. It's pretty, but I wonder what something in the red or green family would do? Something that picks up the trim is what I'm thinking. Of course, you're probably right with what you have!

Abby said...

I think you should make both a black and a Dream in Colo(u)r cover for the dress. Come on, you know you want to.

Congratulations on your completion of and upcoming graduation from law school!

choperena said...

Hrm, I want to agree with all three responses! First I thought "well, black is too safe, definitely use the Dream". And then they mentioned red or green, and I thought getting something from the trim would be a great idea! Or even something cream, like the embroidery. And then they mentioned making multiple shrugs, and well, yeah, that seems like the best option!

As for the Cybele, I never would have thought to knit something horizontally with cables. I can't wait to see it finished!