Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Northing ventured, nothing gained...

...especially when it comes to hats, apparently!

Pattern: Druidess Beret, by Anna Bright. Knitted out of half a ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills Rustic 8ply (Midnight Tweed), on 4.5mm circular/dpns.

Colour commentary: Hurrah, I knitted a beret that doesn't look look stupid on me! As previously mentioned, I had reservations about starting this one. It was obviously a gorgeous pattern, but I don't have a history of looking good in berets. Really, this looks to me more like a tam than a beret, and perhaps this is why it doesn't suffer from beret-on-Anna's-head syndrome. Either way, I'm happy with it! And I finished it just in time for the cold snap that has suddenly hit Melbourne.

This is a really well written pattern, and given how beautiful the end result is, I'm amazed that more people on Ravelry haven't made it. That said, it was rather time consuming for a hat, though it would probably go more quickly if the cabling was worked without a cable needle (I have, ahem, not mastered that technique yet - or rather I am yet to find a way that I am comfortable with). At first I wasn't entirely convinced that the finished product was worth the time that it took me, but I think I'm convinced now.

The only changes I made was to omit the bobble from the top of the centre (for no real reason other than laziness, to be honest), and to work the bobbles in the pattern a little differently than prescribed - the method I used made them bigger, and a little more defined.

I also loved the yarn - BWM yarn is awesome, and every time I use it I can't help but feel that I should use it more often. It's so great for the price (and yes, observant readers, you are correct - this is the same yarn I used for my sleevesless pullover last post).

In other news, thanks to everyone who said nice things about the pattern in the last post - I've been thrilled with all of the positive feedback! In other project news, my Kypria raglan shrug is coming along well, if a little idiosyncratically. And now that this hat is off the needles, I can finally start putting some more work into The Boy's (now much needed - see previous comment about the cold snap) scarf. He gets a scarf. I have something new to knit on the train. Everyone wins.

And now I need to go and feed the cats. Five more days of house-sitting to go - I'm not sure if I'll miss them or just be relieved that they're no longer wrecking havoc on my possessions. These guys are constantly treading the line between cute and infuritating, and sometimes I really can't tell what side they're walking on.

(looks cute, but is pure mischief and evil, I swear. Then again, he is a cat....)


sue said...

The hat looks fantastic. I dont normally knit hats for myself as I tend to look a bit like a pumpkin head when I put them on. The BWM rustic is a nice yarn to knit with too. I am sure with our weather being chilly at the moment you will gets lots of wear out of it.

choperena said...

Kudos on the hat!

(I constantly get mixed as to what the difference between a tam and a beret is. I really need to wiki this again and internalize it, for once...)

So which ever is the one that looks like a plate on top of a cylinder: I'm afraid I'm going to knit it up and look like I'm balancing a plate on my head :/

Kim Robin Hicks said...

Your beret looks lovely. Nicely done!

Abby said...

Love the beret! I do not know what a bobble is, however. Clearly, your hat did not need one in the center.