Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm avoiding my law essay. Or I would be if it existed yet. That's kind of the point.

I'm also avoiding work. They just called and asked if I could close, and I told them exactly where they could put their close (well, actually I politely declined, but the feeling was there).

I'm avoiding lunch, because I can subsist on cups of tea indefinitely. At least while there's a computer there to distract me...

I have however been playing with Ravelry. It's been nearly a month since I got my invite, and I've finally got the photos of most things (well, most things worth taking a photo of, though come to think of it I must take a photo of the Contracts sock) up there. It's taken a while due to general procrastination and technological incompetance, but today I woke up feeling crappy and decided to distract myself with something constructive.

I took my very first photo of myself: me in my lovely rainbow beanie. It took me a couple of goes before you could actually see the hat (the first few tries were mainly of my nose and glasses), but in the end the one I got turned out okay. Behold, me in my shiny hat:

In the first one, I looked far, far too much like my younger brother. Thankfully not so much in this one.

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