Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I just heard that Robert Jordan died. So sad. To tell the truth, I'd stopped reading his books, but it's still so sad, especially since he never got to finish up his stories... Poor guy. Hope you're in a better place, and I'll always have an affectionate soft spot for you and your neverending books with so many characters and diverging plotlines that I couldn't really tell what was going on by the end. That sounds negative, but it's not.

On knitting news, I'm seaming up my Leaf ties cardigan, though I tried it on with one sleeve done and now I'm alarmed because it seems to be a little bit loose around the chest (not the breasts, the bit above that around where your ribs start, I don't know what it's called). I hope that it evens out once I've done the rest of the seaming. I'll be a little put out if it turns out not to fit very well. Then again, I'm stubborn so I'll probably wear it anyway, even if it doesn't fit.

I'm merrily chugging away at the Cleo halter top. Wasn't sure about how well the gauge was working in the substituted yarn, but now it seems to be okay. Or at the least, it looks like I'll be able to get it over my head, and that's a good start... I love the yarn so much, that it probably won't even matter if I can't wear it... I'll be content just to look at it and touch it...

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