Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nothing much happening

Sleepy. Which is on one hand embarrassing because it's not even 11pm yet. On the other hand, since I need to be at work at 6am, it's probably a useful thing. My boss seems to have developed a fetish for putting me on the open shift. Yipee... Oh well, it beats braving the Upfield trainline at 9:30pm every shift working the close..

Not much happening on the knitting front. My leisure time is always torn between knitting and computer gaming, and the last week my poor brain has been sucked back into World of Warcraft... Oh well, knitting will probably take back over next week.

I bought lots of very cheap yarn from Big W last week when I was meant to be buying useful things. Went mainly for wool/acrylic blends in pretty shades... 50c a ball, you can't really go wrong (why do I suspect this statement will come back to haunt me later...). Have some in a lovely teal colour that I'm going to make some kind of raglan jumper out of.

Have a short knitting attention span at the moment; don't want to finish what I'm doing, just want to start new things and then in turn proceed to not finish them. I think it's all stemming from not wanting to be arsed to finish the hems on my Leaf ties cardigan... sewing hems is even more boring than sewing seams... This procrastination is fuelled by the fact that it doesn't quite fit me properly. I may have to have a fiddle.

But yes, getting back on the university horse (I was a naughty Anna and missed a lot of class for a while there, so I've got a bit to catch up on), helping fiancee buy a business, working, trying to plan a rapidly approaching wedding, and still managing to fit in an unhealthy amount of violent computer games, does not leave much time for sanity, let alone knitting. Oh well, it will pass. I want to finish my halter top before I go on honeymoon, so there's some incentive for me...

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