Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Insomnia and knitting

Well, still here, and still mostly sane, even though wedding is now 10 days away (it's a little scary to think of it in terms of days instead of weeks/months/>year. It's all going more or less to plan, though I'm wishing that everyone would stop trying to plan things to within an inch of their lives. I'm not so big on that kind of formal rigidity at social gatherings; I like people to be able to wander around and do what they like. Oh well, I'm sure people will do that anyway, whether they've been told otherwise or not (or all the people I know will anyway).

Anyway Anna, put a sock in it. Wedding gas-bagging is for other blog, not this one.

Decided to make a Lelah top ( with my Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton yarn; it seems a pretty straightforward pattern, and some of the versions on Ravelry look so awesome. The light purple is a little bit girly by my standards, but maybe that's not a bad thing for a change (one can't live in jeans and baggy t-shirt all the time... or at least not without being mistaken for a guy from a distance when you're as tall as I am...).

Anyway, top is coming along swimmingly, albeit a little slowly since I'm knitting in a much smaller gauge. Still, I've had a bit of insomnia (probably due to wedding) the last few nights, so that's helping it along a bit. No photos yet, because my digital camera is out of batteries and I can't find new ones. So there...

Now, off to be a good girl and write my essay, even though I'm so screwed with it that it really is quite hilarious...

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