Friday, November 23, 2007

Nearly there now...

Well, I get married tomorrow. And I'm sleepy. It's hard to sleep for very long at the moment.

Finished knitting my Lelah top, though it came out far too big around the top (not sure if the yarn stretched on me a little or if my gauge was just slightly off... could be a combination of both actually). I've got a few plans to salvage it though, so hopefully it won't be a write off. The lace came out really nicely, so it would be a shame to have to frog it...

I am being very good and not starting any new projects. Nor will I be starting anything new until after I get back from honeymoon... Chris is always complaining that I knit too much, so for some reason that I've now forgotten, I bet him that I could go the whole honeymoon without knitting anything. Can't remember why I did that... oh well, hardly a hardship, I'll have lots of other stuff to do.

I definitely have wicked plans for when I get home though...

Anyway, in summary:
  • Sleepy
  • Nearly married
  • Not currently knitting (feels odd)

Ta ta all, I'm off to do constructive things.

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