Thursday, January 31, 2008

Camera vs Anna: I win today...

Well, this photo may be a little blurry, but it proves that the Wavy pattern is indeed present. Which is what we were unsuccessfully going for last time. I'm happy with how it's coming. If nothing else, it's definitely going to make the Upfield trainline a little brighter on the winter days that I'm commuting on it.

I'm trying to get the alpaca cardigan I've been working on happening a little faster. I want to find out whether or not I need to buy more yarn for it. The problem is that I'm not getting work done on this quite as fast, because it's my own design, kind of being calculated as it goes. It's that much harder to motivate yourself to finish a half completed project when it actually requires you to think, plan, be sensible, and work calculator mojo. Still, I'm trying to do it a bit on it every day, just to get over the hump. Here is one completed left front, and one mostly completed right.

Photo doesn't really do justice to the yarn; the colours are absolutely beautiful, shifting blends of colour. The main colour that looks light blue is actually a pale bluish green with flecks of deeper blue, and the frilly edge bits (which seem thoroughly determined to look crap in every photo I take) are a greyish brown mixed with small streaks of blue. Shiny.

And, here is what happens when Anna has to return a knitting book to the local library and is too tight arsed/too lacking in small change to make a photocopy of a pattern in it that she wants to make:It's good for me I suppose; have to get back in the note taking swing of things before lectures start again on March 3rd. I always leave the first week of classes feeling like my hands are about to drop off at the wrists, but maybe if I just keep on like this, that won't happen this time around... Or, maybe I should just be a normal person and save up for a laptop like all the other law students seem to have done...

Anyway, off to go write. Just cracked 40k this morning... it's getting there, slowly but surely.

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