Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Um.... oh no *sarcasm*

Finally a post where the poor bloggo is not forced to showcase my amateurish attempts at photography; camera is momentarily out of batteries, and at any rate I haven't made a great deal of knitting progress over the last few days.

The main reason for this is that shop is now up and running: today is our first day of actually being open (rather than messing around in there trying to set things up). So that hasn't left as much time for knitting, and all the other random stuff I like to do.

Writing is the exception to this. I've actually found it a very useful outlet for all the stress and anxiety that's come with getting shop going, so I've now sailed merrily past the 50k mark. I am pleased with this.

Anyway, so in minor knitting news, Wavy scarf is still coming along nicely, and I'm trying something out with my Moana yarn... And that's about it... Can we say uninteresting?

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