Monday, February 11, 2008

My poor brain...

Well, still no photos, because I've been too lazy/broke/tired/leprous/purple to buy batteries for my camera, and it's not like a whole lot of progress has been made on the knitting front anyway (oh golly, gee whiz, my scarf is ten centimetres longer, how exciting!!!!!! *sarcasm*)

Been beavering away on my Wavy scarf when I have time, but unfortunately that is not often, what with nine hour work days, six days a week and all. Tuesday-Sunday currently looks like this:
8am: Get up and go for walk
9am: Shower, breakfast, write and write some more
12pm: Lunch, attend to husband type creature (ie. actually spend some time with him that isn't at work), knit a few rows on scarf, do dishes
2pm: Leave for work. Vend many foodstuffs, wash many trays, shred mountains of cheese
11pm: Home from work. Lie on couch, ingest a beer if have sufficient energy, sleep.

Occasionally, morning has also been used to bore unsuspecting people with my presence in an attempt to prove that I still have some kind of social life. So, not a great deal of knitting time, unless I sacrifice writing time, which right now I'm not wanting to do (the writing is kind of keeping me sane in this time of pizza shop drudgery, because drudgery it is, no matter who owns the business). But, the knitting is still happening, and I'm still enjoying it, and that is the main thing. This is just the reason why it's a little quiet on the FO/WIP front at the moment. We don't really need to see endless blurry photos of my scarf. We just don't...

On a related note: I AM LIVING THE KNITTER'S DREAM (albeit in probably the least exciting and grossest way possible)! Chris has always asked that I not knit anything for him, because he doesn't like the way knitted fabric feels. This is fine by me because I know that it's true, and has always been true (I don't think that there's a single knitted thing in his entire wardrobe - which to be fair, consists mainly of tracksuits - grotty boy!), so I don't take it personally, and spend more time making things for myself (a good system). But the other day I found some really cheap thick cotton yarn (Cleckheaton Fiddle Di Dee), and I made a tea towel/clothy thing out of it. Now, it gets very hot near the ovens in our shop. Hence, the boy has a tendency to sweat a little when he's working near it. So now my beloved tea towel has a new occupation: sweat mopping cloth of doom! Husband type creature is actually using an item that I knitted.

One word: Victory!

Okay, granted this victory would be somewhat sweeter if said knitted item was used for purposes other than the soaking up of bodily fluids, but hey, I'll take whatever I can get. It's being used, right? Err... right?

Oh dear, I just spent several paragraphs talking about my husband's bodily fluids... What was I just saying about how writing was helping me to keep sane? Maybe it's still too early to tell whether or not it's working...

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