Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scarfitty scarfage!

Hurrah, Wavy scarf is finally finished. And to celebrate, I finally got off my arse and walked down to the shops (in the rain, I might add, which probably account for the state of my hair in the photo) and bought batteries for my poor abandoned camera. Oh, and chocolate. I also bought chocolate. Because.

Anyway, behold the scarfage. I am very happy with how it turned out, although I would like to have made it longer if I'd had enough yarn. Meh. What are you going to do?

I look like a fish, and the towel behind me needs to be washed, but the scarf looks awesome and that's the main thing! More scarfity scarfing:

Yeah yeah, I know I can't take photos to save my life. But I can knit apparently. And that's more important anyway...

Felt like it took forever to knit this, just because as previously mentioned, I don't have a great deal of knitting time at the moment. However, I get a few days off work this week - with me going back to uni on March 3rd, we want to make sure that the shop/staff contained therein will be able to function okay without me - so more knitting shall happen then.

I've started knitting a fair-isle style hat for my younger brother - partially because I've been itching to make something for someone else, and partially as a show of big sisterly get-well-soon type concern - he's been in hospital the last week due to some strange and so far unexplained seizures.

But yes, not so much with the actual knitting lately. Lots of thinking about it and designing in my head, but not so much with the physically picking up the needles and making stuff. Basically, in Anna's crazy head, there is always a constant jostle, with all of the creative things that I want to do vying for my attention. Knitting used to win hands down, but currently writing has suddenly gotten opinionate and bossy and is demanding the lion's share of my free time. And I think I'm going to humour it. Writing (and the ability to do it at all - quality aside for the moment) is such a fickle thing, it ebbs and flows. So I don't want to set it aside when it's actually grabbing me by the hand and saying "Come on Anna, let's go!" On a related note, I hit 80,000 words yesterday, so it's time to start winding up on this project. I can't wait to write the last word; it has been indescribably awesome to actually apply my short attention span to a sustained project and have it actually happen.

Knitting's turn will come again, I'm sure. Probably when it stops being summer and all of my creative energy is sucked away by law school. But for the moment, there is scarf. I like my scarf.

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