Monday, April 14, 2008

More procrastination

Wow, it has been a very long time since I've finished knitting anything... Naughty Anna!

It's just that work and uni are conspiring to eat my head and suck my creativity dry... that's all.

Writing has been languishing as well. I was managing to write between ten and twenty thousand words a week before uni went back, and now I'm lucky if I manage five. The last week it's probably been less. Such is real life, I suppose.

I did indeed commence therapeutic socking however. I started making some Hedera socks with my Boxing Day Patonyle, and so far they're coming along quite well (I like the colour a lot):

I was a little nervous about the sizing. My feet are, well, perfectly in proportion to my 5'11 self, which is a nice way of saying that they're great big whacking man-sized feet (about an 11 to 11 1/2 in women's sizes, and wide to boot). Which I am attempting to knit pretty, lacey socks for (there's probably something flawed in this thinking). But I've been trying on as I go (somewhat obsessively, truth be told) and so far they're going on okay. Let's just hope that it keeps up. I saw someone on a forum say that they'd made them fit fine with no modifications, and they had bigger feet than me, so I'm trying to take solace in that. I guess that even if they turn out too large, I can always give them to someone else...

And now a few musings about Ravelry: I remember being embarrassingly gleeful the first time someone favourited one of the things that I had made (I think it was my silly multicoloured beanie, but it could have been the Cleo tank... I can't even remember). I recall the first time I got a favourite for something that wasn't even finished yet. Then I moved onto watching my various items compete for how many little hearts they could accrue - the results were quite surprising really (my Greenjeans was a clear leader for a while, but it's now been overtaken by my Leaf ties cardigan - which has now made it into double figures :D - which is odd since I thought the Greenjeans was far better in terms of yarn, fit and the quality of the knitting). And now I've had my first unfavourited item! This amuses me, which is good thing, because I suppose if it didn't I'd get pedantic and try and figure out why on earth I fell from this random person's favour!

The whole favouriting system is so nice; a really great feature. I think it works especially well for people like me who don't really interact in real life with many people who appreciate knitting/knitted items; gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling anyway. Even though I'm sometimes a little baffled at people's tastes... I'm surprised that as many people have favourited my stuff as have done, because really, I'm not a particularly good knitter technically speaking. And my ideas of colour can be... well... weird.

Anyway, that's enough knitting blather. Back to the sock for a bit, and then I'll go and play with my poor languishing imaginary friends (ie. Anna shall attempt to write). And then, if I'm feeling game, I'll bolster myself with another cup to tea and go into battle against the Corporations Law reading... Let's hope I make it back alive...

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