Sunday, May 11, 2008

Behold the glory of the tam!

See! There's my head (and hair that very much needs cutting), and there's a hat on it! A shiny, nice, brand spanking new faux fair isle tam to be precise. There's also a lot of the bathroom wall, because it's kind of difficult to take a photo of the back of one's head unassisted. Or it's difficult for me anyway. Perhaps I'm just inferior...

Pattern was the Tam C from the Three Tams Knitty pattern, though I love this one so much that I think I might need to make the other two as well. The pattern was great; really quite easy and very quick (I knocked this out in a few days, just doing an hour here and there sitting in front of the computer, putting off studying for my Evidence exam... whoops). I arsed up the start of one batch of decreases (I thought it was just me being a wally, but Ravelry tells me that I wasn't the only one to get caught up on this, so I feel marginally less wally-like now), but you can only tell if you're looking for it.

Yarns involved were a ball of Holiday 8ply wool (I have had this stuff for so long that I think it actually might be the first yarn I ever stashed... no exaggeration... I bought it years ago to make a cardigan from Stitch and Bitch, but the urge passed and the yarn languished for quite a time) and the leftovers of my dyeing escapade (the stuff that didn't get used up by the Garter Mitts). There wasn't a whole lot of thought put into the decision; these were just the two yarns within arms reach when I decided, on a procrastinatory whim, to make this hat. But it turned out serendipitously well; the green and blue works wonderfully against the black (I've always had a total fetish for black and green together). Behold, my blurry evidence:

Sigh. I love my hat. Very much. I don't have enough hats, so I'm attempting to rectify the situation this winter. This is the first step. Don't ask what the next one is... I have an essay to write... Sigh...

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