Thursday, August 21, 2008

The post with stuff

Okay, I'm still alive. Sort of fell off the horse with the regular updates thing, but oh well. I haven't been knitting that much the last week anyway, so nobody missed much. The Luna Moth shawl is growing gradually, but until today that was about it. But stuff has been going on:

Finished my Shalom cardigan! By the end, I decided that I did like the colours, which was good. On the down side, I wasn't totally happy with how the thing came out. Here it is anyway (i.e. here's me, looking overexposed and more than a little perplexed about it):

You can't totally see my problem in this shot, but basically the armholes are too big - they kind of flap around a bit. I think I should have cast on fewer stitches after binding off the arm-holes, or perhaps even none at all. Oh well, what can you do? I still like it, and the problem isn't particularly glaring, so I'm sure I'll wear it now and then anyway... This was a fun pattern anyway - I'm still getting used to it, as the whole single-button-up-top style isn't one I've really worn before, but I'll get there. Also, I do like the way that the colours look against black... Not sure how well they'd go with other things, but thankfully, I have a lot of black ;)

Anyway, after this one was done I sort of fell off the knitting horse for a bit. I moved recently, so right now all my yarn is sitting around in bags and boxes and while I want to knit with it, I can never find the particular ball that I want at any given time, or I can't find the needles to go with it, etc, etc, whinge whinge.

But then I had to stay home from uni sick this morning (had a aching head and a furry throat, so buggered if I was braving the rain), and had an idea that I just had to follow through with.

I'll start at the beginning. A few days ago, I raided Bunnings Warehouse and came back with two new pretties... One of them was a cactus. Anyway, I was pleased with this little fellow, but I wanted to keep him in my bedroom and the pot he was in was an ugly plastic job that I didn't much care to look at. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cactus Cozy:

Much better! Just a bit of made up fair-isle and corrugated rib - nothing fancy, but I'm happy with it. It's oddly satisfying to make something so quickly, even if it's just something small and silly with clumsy stranding and even clumsier weaving in (hey, the cactus isn't discerning!). I might need to make more of these... I have a bit of a tragic cactus habit, and this just gives me the excuse to buy more of them...

Oh, and I mentioned above that I bought two shiny nice things from Bunnings - well, the cactus is all well and good, but it's the other one that I'm totally enamoured with and can't stop showing to unsuspecting people. Behold:

Venus flytrap! I couldn't resist. I just couldn't! It's only a wee one, but I'm hoping it might get a little bigger as the weather warms up. I felt bad for him, all alone in Bunnings. His label said that he was supposed to be kept in a warm, sunny and moist environment, and there he was, shivering (figuratively speaking, of course) in the shady part of the store, subject to a typically cold and dry Melbourne winter. Poor baby! So I had to take him home, you understand? Now I just need to think of a name for him...

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Abby said...

I had a venus flytrap once. They are pretty fragile and I suggest a terrarium in a warm place. Mine went to sleep one winter and never woke up.

Anyway, nice blog. And I don't even knit, maybe I'll start! I found you by looking for ways to dye a hideously colored sweater that I otherwise like.