Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beavering away

Well, my Greenjeans is coming along nicely indeed. Behold:

I'm almost tempted to rename it the "Farscape cardigan", as I've been binge watching said television show while I've been knitting this. It's coming along pleasingly quickly, though I've slowed down a little since hitting the cable patch.

I just spilled tea in my lap. Who's a dill, then?

Thank heavens I'm easily distracted, and let my tea cool to lukewarm before drinking it, or that could have been quite painful.

I think I'm getting a little better with my cheap and nasty digital camera, which is good. The photos I take of knitting are still a little blurry, but I managed to take some quite okay ones of me in my Cleo top. Or at least they are nice photos of the top (I, on the other hand, look frizzy and a lot more pimply than in reality, but what are you going to do). At least you can't see how badly sunburnt I am from this angle

Other than Greenjeans though, I haven't been doing all that much knitting. I've really built up writing momentum on the thing I've been working on over the last while, so I've been trying to make the most of it (heaven knows it isn't so easy most of the time). About to crack 15,000 words though, which is probably some kind of fiction record for me (I have the same problem with writing as I do knitting; I'm great at starting things, and awful at finishing them).
Speaking of writing, I must now depart and attempt to type things that aren't too nonsensical (just a pleasant, moderate kind of nonsensical...).

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