Saturday, January 26, 2008

Greenjeans is NEARLY there! Just have to finish the left sleeve, and I'll be done. I picked up the stitches for the button band in between sleeves, because I was getting bored working in the round and needed a change. I have an announcement to make:


(damn right....)

I've always had an irrational terror about picking up stitches, mainly because I was appalling bad at doing it. But this... wonder of wonders... actually worked! Behold:

Granted it isn't the neatest edge I've ever seen (piece is badly arranged in this photo, to be fair). But there aren't any holes that you could drive a ute through, so it's a vast improvement as far as I'm concerned. My secret, you ask? *looks embarrassed* I read the instructions and actually paid attention to them for once. One reason that I think that knitting is very good for me indeed is that in a lot of areas, I've always been the person who glances quickly at manuals, then promptly ignores them and tinkers away in their own way. Sometimes it works that way, but often it doesn't. Knitting teaches me the value of paying close attention to instructions and following them properly.

Oh, and proof that knitting has infested my brain. I went to a belly dancing class day before yesterday and my teacher was telling me about how the rectangular shaped coin belts were much better than the ones that narrowed at each end. This then sent me into a merry little train of thought about designing coin belts... My poor brain, like there isn't enough crap in there already...

In closing, just what the world needs. I've now figured out that I can take photographs of my own feet by using the self-timer on my camera. We can all sleep soundly at night now...

Feel the wrath of my size 11 1/2 feet!

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