Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ho hum, definitely didn't spend money today... no sirree

Well, Greenjeans is still getting there. I haven't been feeling very well the last day or so, and one of the symptoms is feeling really hot, at which point knitting does not become a very enjoyable pastime. Don't worry, I'll get there. Really, I swear...

On the retail front, I have a pretty, nice, shiny thing:

I'd been staring at these in Clegs for about the last 50,000 years, thinking 'one day', so I decided that today was the day. Actually, it wasn't really as decisive and thought out as that. I'd foolishly gone out in impractical shoes and had Blisters From Hell, and needed something to make me feel better. Hurrah for impulse buys... Guess who feels like a Real Knitter now because she finally bought yarn that comes in a hank (yes, I know that is a truly moronic thing to be excited about, but I'm hot and tired and I need all the help I can get to feel good right now)?

I bought some dodgy bamboo yarn as well, because I have a wicked plan that I want to bring to fruition (it may or may not have been inspired by the stitch pattern book I borrowed from the library the other day)... Mmmm, plotting.

Okay, off to go write stuff and play dodgy Windows games now...

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